India stands for living Humanity as against inert matter; for more equitable distribution of wealth ; for less luxury and more  brotherhood ; for less industrial conflict and more co-operation; for wealth as a means as against wealth as an end; and for finding happiness not in restless self-serving but in the consecration of life to the welfare of Society and Humanity – The Foundations of Indian Economics Pp. 459-61, 465-7- (year 1916)

What an unbelievably short, precise yet holistic narration of what Indian economy is made up of. Nearly 100 years hence, we struggle to save our culture and strive for sustainability by trying to redesign our economy, while the truth is we started from being sustainable, moved towards unsustainable ways in great hurry and exuberance, and now sit in the progress trap. A learning worth preserving so as to create a space from where new thinking should emerge.



  1. coevolvewithkiran April 12, 2014 / 8:23 am

    Indeed. What a simple and beautiful seeing.
    And yet the question that begs to be asked is .. How? Why?

    And it also requires us to dive deep within and see what is so unsustainable in the way we live, act, think and relate.


    • kurtzs September 11, 2015 / 11:55 am

      After three plus decades of researching and interacting with ‘experts’ about this:
      “what is so unsustainable in the way we live, act, think and relate.”

      I continue to find that scale of human population is almost universally ignored. Yet it is the primary driver of imbalance and toxification of habitats. People live simply mainly because they must. Voluntary simplicity is a tiny tail on the Bell Curve.

      The subtitle of this blog asks the question too. We are in plague phase, having tripled in my 70 years. Hierarchy is biological, and there is a greed/power tail of the Bell Curve too. More humans seek to move in that direction because material well-being is continually squeezed in the middle of the curve. Patriarchy is the rule as well, with violent conflict and superstition dominant throughout history.

      Good luck! India has more people itself than some think global capacity can handle. Bill Rees [eco footprint] is a friend, and after retiring, he could express his agreement with me.


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