Many Policies, One Reality – Overshoot and Fall!

Is there a way to sustain growth? Many people would say yes, let’s go green… lets become more efficient, improve technology… Well, read the paper and we can have a discussion on it!

In this paper we test three key policies which are very popular in the global agenda for sustaining our economic growth. 1) Green Growth, 2) Resource Efficiency, 3) Technology Advancements and expanding resources.

The paper presents the outcomes of these policies by modeling their impacts on renewable resources and economic growth using system dynamics modeling. Very importantly it shows that even with resources which are renewable, there are limits to growth. The WORLD2, WORLD3   models of Limits to Growth showed it 45 years ago but using only non renewable resources.

I hope you enjoy reading the paper (the text is not long, less than 5000 words).

Come back and we shall together ponder over the following questions:

  1. How do we define, understand, perceive true sustainability of resources?
  2. What conditions (social, economical, physical) would enable sustainability?
  3. How much time do we have left to act on them?