Mihir Mathur is an interdisciplinary researcher working in the field of Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

He is an expert in system dynamics and systems thinking in field of climate change and sustainability.

Mihir spoke at COP21 in Paris in 2015 on creating a new vision for a sustainable society. He has been a speaker at several forums on climate change and sustainability in India and abroad.

Mihir speaking at COP21 at Paris in 2015

He has conducted regional, national and international trainings on climate change adaptation for academicians, development practitioners and policy maker.

He has authored several research publications and articles on peak oil, energy, local economics, alternate currencies, ecological economics, climate change, de-growth.

Mihir has worked on one of India’s largest climate change adaptation programme covering 72 villages in three states. He led multiple research themes like local money flows of rural economies, participatory risk impact assessment, alternate energy projects and systems thinking.

His current work focuses on finding sustainable adaptation pathways using system dynamics modelling for policy formulation at local and global level.  In the past, he has done extensive research in climate change adaptation, local economics, climate impact assessment, livelihood resilience and alternate energy.

Presenting at the Indian Society of Ecological Economics (INSEE), Bangalore in 2016

He has academic background in Finance and has worked in stock markets and commodities as fundamental analyst. He brings his key financial insights into the climate change and sustainability landscape to provide a holistic view to existing environmental issues.

He has taught hundreds of students in India on subject of systems thinking and system dynamics using climate change and sustainability as overarching themes.